dough - pay friends & family

A simple & quick way of paying friends & family

Simple. Secure. Easy.

made in Melbourne, powered by Pin Payments




How do I contact Dough?
You can contact us via email at or on Twitter at @doughappco.
Why is there a 3% fee?
The 3% is used to cover the credit card companies' fees and a small proportion of Dough running costs.
We don't advertise, we don't spam, we don't on sell your details, however, running a business is costly. If we didn't charge a fee, Dough wouldn't exist.
Who are Pin Payments?
Pin Payments are our trusted payments partner, backed by the NAB. They provide secure, audited and government compliant financial transaction systems. You can find them at
How long does it take for a payment to be deposited into my bank account?
Payments from friends should hit your bank account in 1-2 days.
What will I see on my bank/credit card statement?
You will see payments and deposits from Exchange Dough PTY LTD or similar.
I paid/requested money from someone who’s not using Dough, how does that work?
Dough will send a notification to them notifying them of your payment/request for payment with a link that ties it all together.
Are there any limits imposed by Dough?
We impose a send limit of $100 per day. This means the combined total of all payments can’t exceed $100 per day.

Why the fee?

We charge a small 3% fee to send dough which is used to cover the credit card companies' fees and a small proportion of Dough running costs.
An everyday example...
You're about to settle your share of the breakfast bill - $23.20. You don't have exact change (who does?), and so you give your friend $25 and hope it will all come out in the wash.

It may, but why hope? With Dough, the fee for covering $23.20 is $0.70, saving you $1.10 in the process!
But I can do that through my banking app, for free?
Technically, yes. However, that would mean that your friend would have to relay their BSB and Account number to you at the breakfast table. Painful and error prone, and that's if they know it... One wrong number, and you'll be chasing the banks for hours.
Doesn't PayID eliminate that problem?
Potentially... But that would mean that you and your friend would need to be registered for PayID before you try and settle your share of $23.20.
Yeah, painful, but, why Dough?
With Dough, you only need your friend's mobile number! We'll do the rest. Ohhh, and did we mention that you can request from your family & friends? No banks can do that!

We have grand plans for the future, some that we can't share just yet, but we strongly believe that given the painful experience outlined above, what Dough currently does and our future plans, the $0.70 is completely worth it!